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Chat com a maquiadora da MAC

Se tiver algum errinho de inglês ninguem vai me cruxificar, certo????Eu pedi que ela criasse um look para trabalho, e um para festas. Você pode anotar essas informações e testar numa loja da mAC para ver se as cores funcionam na sua pele. Depois é só sair para trabalhar/dançar linda, leve e solta. Bem, no meu caso eu não estou tããão leve, mas...

" info: Welcome to MAC Cosmetics Online. One of our Artists will be with you shortly.info: Hello. Thank you for your interest in MAC Cosmetics. My name is Sara. How may I assist you?

Luciana: My husband will be in USA and i would like to make a basic makeup shopping list for him to buy me.What do you suggest?Thanks,Sara!

Sara: Hi Luciana! I'm happy to help you with your must-have MAC list! Can you give me a few details about your makeup style?

Luciana: Yes, i am a dermatologist.So i need an office makeup,very clean.And also i need a sofisticate look for the evening.

Sara: Are you looking mainly for colors, or are you also interested in a foundation?

Luciana: I´m also interested in a foundation, but how can we choose it by internet?Sara: I can help you choose a foundation formula, and perhaps your husband can show a picture of you to the MAC Artist to give them an idea of your skintone.

Luciana: Good idea!Sara: What is your skin type like? Do you prefer a more matte or more dewy look to your skin?Luciana: More matte for the office.

Sara: Try MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation for your daytime foundation. It's so easy to apply and gives the skin a soft, powdery matte look. This formula provides a super-smooth, matte finish with medium-full coverage. This formula is a combination of powder and foundation in a convenient compact. You can use the enclosed Disc Sponge to buff the powder onto your skin or use it with a powder brush (MAC #129 is great for this) for less coverage. Sara: For nighttime, try the MAC Mineralize Satinfinish SPF 15 Foundation. This liquid formula blends the light-reflecting properties of micro-minerals with a smooth, natural-satin finish. It provides medium-sheer buildable coverage with a subtle luminosity. Apply using the MAC #188 Brush with rounded strokes to enhance your skin's radiant glow.

Luciana: Ok,and since it is a compact,i can carry it in my purse.

Sara: MAC Select Cover-Up liquid concealer delivers great coverage with a natural finish. This non-acnegenic formula evens skin tone and won't settle into fine lines around the eyes. This is a great concealer to have handy in case you want to cover any dark circles or blemishes.

Sara: Yes, the Studio Fix comes in a compact, so it's easy to carry with you and re-apply if you need.

Luciana: I always need to re-apply it.

Luciana: how about the colors to use in my eyes??

Sara: I'll be back with some new colors for you to create a polished look for work, as well as a more intense look for going out. Thanks for your patience!

Sara: You have fair skin, correct?

Luciana: no problem!You are helping a lot!

Luciana: yes.

Sara: For a daytime look, start by applying BLANC TYPE Eye Shadow (light cream) all over the lids as a smooth base with brush #252. Use brush #224 and blend TETE-A-TINT Eye Shadow (warm toasty peach) thru the crease with back and forth strokes to create depth. Line the eyes with BROWNBORDER Technakohl Liner (smudgeproof dark brown) and finish with COAL BLACK Pro Lash Mascara. To make this look a bit more intense, buff a deeper brown like HANDWRITTEN Eye Shadow thru the outer crease of eyes with brush #224 using small rounded strokes.

Sara: I'll be back with a more dramatic look for you next.Sara: Click here for the MAC Eye Shadow page.Sara: Click here for the MAC Liner page.Sara: Click here for the MAC Mascara page.Sara: Click here for the Brushes page.

Luciana: ok,i will have to writte all these information,but keep going.

Sara: Try these colors to create an easy, smoky look. Begin with a light fadeproof base color on your lid to ensure smooth blending (SOFT OCHRE Paint Pot is a great choice). Next, line the eyes with SMOLDER Eye Kohl, a rich black. Use brush #219 and smudge out the liner. You can also line the inner rims of your eyes on the lower lashes to create a really smoky effect. Pat a dark shadow like TWINKS Eye Shadow (bronzed plum shimmer) or SATIN TAUPE Eye Shadow (shimmery taupe brown) on the lids with brush #239, blending it up just past the crease. Use brush #224 to blend this dark shadow thru the crease using back and forth strokes to create an airbrushed contour. You can also buff a black shadow like CARBON Eye Shadow thru the outer corners/crease of eyes with brush #224 using small rounded strokes. Finish with a few coats of Zoom Lash Mascara in ZOOMBLACK -- thick, lush lashes are key to the smoky look. If you have thin or short lashes, add a few coats of Prep + Prime Lash before you apply your mascara. This lash primer really helps to create a lush lash look.

Sara: Don't worry about writing this down. When you close the chat window by clicking the "Close" button at the top right once, you will be able to request that a copy of this chat be emailed to you as well as answer a few questions about your experience.

Luciana: Great,because if you had to wait for me to writte,it would take hours!!!How about lips?Luciana: Sara?Are you still here?

Sara: Yes, just one moment please.

Luciana: ok

Sara: For a natural lip look, try a soft warm pink like HUG ME Lipstick or BARE Lipstick, with SPICE Lip Pencil. For a more intense lip look, try BEURRE Cremestick Liner with SCANT Slimshine Lipstick (warm plum with gold shimmer) or "O" Lipstick (reddish plum shimmer). Sara: Click here for the MAC Lips page.

Luciana: Sara, you helped me a lot.Is there any other great product that you advice me to buy?You see, i live in Brasil and we have MAC store here,but in Brasil it is so expensive!I prefer to wait our travels to buy it in USA.An eyeshadow here costs about 30 dolares!

Sara: Wow! It's definitely a good idea to stock up on your products in the US. I also recommend LOVE NECTAR Lusteglass (sheer peachy pink shimmer) for a natural gloss, GOLDEN Bronzing Powder to warm up your skintone, Prep + Prime Skin for a foundation primer, PEACHYKEEN Blush for a fresh peach pearlized blush, and LINGERING Eye Brow pencil to fill in your brows.

Luciana: Ok, i will see each products online and hope to make a huge wishlist to my husband.I loved chatting with you,Sara,but i don´t think he will like it!:-)

Sara: He'll like it because you will look and feel pretty--which means you will be nicer to him :o)Sara: Is there anything else I may assist you with today?

Luciana: Nice point of view!!!

Sara: Yes, tell him it's really a present for HIM.

Luciana: I´m fine now,Sara!Thank you so much!
Luciana: Have a great work today!

OBS.Como eu estava BOAZINHA hoje!!!

Sara: My pleasure and please chat with us anytime, Luciana.]

Sara: Thank you for your visit today! You may close the chat window by clicking the "Close" button at the top right once. You will be able to request that a copy of this chat be emailed to you as well as answer a few questions about your experience.

Luciana: I will do it now!Have a nice weekend!Thank you very much!"

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yes, you should work on your English, it`s terrible, sorry to tell you that. I felt ashamed just by reading it.

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